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How to Make Cash Money Online

mercredi 10 décembre 2008 à 22h00:48 GMT -4.00

Earning a living with advertising on the Internet? A source of monthly income! Why not.

To generate interest income with advertising you have to find your niche. That is a subject that generates many visits and whose advertisers are about a pay a good amount for each click. The principle of revenue per click is determined by the amount a company is willing to give for a keyword. So advertisers pay between 1cent several dollars to be seen on AdSense. So a banner on your website may generate and 10cents click on the other 2dollars click and more. It is on the topic in your page and the density of certain words in your text.

If you already have a website proceed to Step 2

• Step 1
You can get a blog on a topic paying. Blogs are for the most part free. But often they have their own banners. As you have found a service that suits you nothing prevents you from making several. - -

Once you have registered. Integrate your content. A good content is one of the main criteria for eligibility for Google Adsense.

• Step 2 [You can register now Google Adsense]
To start generating revenue with Google Adsense you must register on Google.

PS: Our forum is running with a system to display your banières "In each of your posts and your PROFILE." And LeMultiBlog that lets you view your banières on your blog.

• Step 3
Now that you're registered and you have your website or your blog, it's time to make themselves known, why there are several very important tools as the PageRank indicator. PageRank is a ranking indicating the importance of your pages in the database of Google.

<a href="" title="PageRank []"> <img src = " . gif "border =" 0 "style =" border: none; "alt =" PageRank [ ]"/></ a>

For that search engines crawl your website. You must add your URL in their database.

MSN Search: / docs / submit.aspx? FORM = WSDD2
Yahoo: / freesubmit / submit
DMoz: / World / French / help / submit.html

• Step 4
The management of statistics. Google Adsense allows you to create criteria for your banners. Those will tell you what are the most frequently clicked by your visitors. A good way to see the performance thereof in relation to where they are located in your pages. Soon, I will give you more tips to optimize your site.

You also have a "filter ads from the competition" The filters allow you to display ads that you do not find relevant or as the name suggests, that you are competing.

If you have already made here is that you are on track to make money with Google AdSense. I wish you luck and success!

PS: If you sign here you will not penalized. Google will get paid the amount that you had to. And therefore, I will be rewarded when your balance extinguish $ 100.

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The importance of keywords

mercredi 10 décembre 2008 à 22h11:39 GMT -4.00
The important thing is to just bet!

Keywords are very important for that potential visitors can find you among faramianants the number of Internet sites listed by search engines. But take too long to develop your keywords that you will take time to design content. So I designed a program that you can use for free. It is a creator with metatags a given keyword.

Do not hesitate to use it. In addition to having perfect metatags, you can create a few clicks of keywords in reference to your content.

It is mieu focus on keywords with 2 or three words.

I have a site that gives tips to save his life with the Internet. I should bet on a set of words (make money tips) or (earn money Internet) and of course (Revenue website).

Should get into the skin of a person making a search on google. Rare are those who place just a word because they will find sites often are not and peer. Users of search engines for research use most often (how to make money on the Internet). Why not write that sentence in full in our site that gives tips. A good way to be found.

Suite very soon ...

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Static or dynamic?

mercredi 10 décembre 2008 à 22h14:52 GMT -4.00
On the Internet there are 2 types of sites, dynamic sites and sites Statistics.

Dynamics: The content changes on a regular basis and often visitors can participate in a discussion forum, a blog, news or simply a book ... And for the most part, they use a programming language more complex as PHP or ASP and JSP.

Satique: The content does not change regularly, but may demand programming knowledge and is often programmed in HTML.

For a site to be visited regularly by the search engines, there should have new content regularly. That is why it is preferable to opt for a site dynamics. PHP remains from the most popular! First, it is free and secondly it is a comunity programmer who is a pleasure to share their experiences and their codes.

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The Metatags more ...

mercredi 10 décembre 2008 à 22h19:49 GMT -4.00
One thing important in the structure of a Web site is that each page should have its own title to it as well as metatags in relation to its contents.

<title> ImageGraph: Registration </ title>
<meta name="title" content="Inscription on-ImageGraph With l'inscription basic download the photos you want to format 600x450px"></ meta>
<meta name="description" content = "ImageGraph invites you to register to take advantage of a bank of photos taken very diversified by amateurs and professionals from one ocean to another. you to sell yourself and your photos participate in the forum "></ meta>
<meta name="keywords" content=" list of keywords "></ meta>

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The World Wide Web

mercredi 10 décembre 2008 à 22h33:58 GMT -4.00
The World Wide Web, literally the "World (Spider) Canvas," is a hypertext system operating on public Internet and to consult with a browser, pages put online sites. The image of the painting has hyperlinks that link web pages between them.

This little definition allows us to understand the importance of combining these websites. The holder of an Internet site should have more links to its site to produce a good traffic entering. The more you have links search engines are directed to your site to the "crawler". The opposite may be penalizing leaving the chance for visitors and engines to leave your site. A clear structure of your pages, an orderly and plan your site are benefits for both visitors and the engines.

You need therefore to the success of your site that others talk about you or that you speak of yourself on the other website. The forums, blogs and yearbooks are tools that work for you.

This is a draft and I will come back to restructure and continue on the subject.

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